Light Truck Tires

Discoverer AT3 LT

The Discoverer AT3 LT™ with Durable Tread Technology hauls heavy loads with less wear and is built to withstand the ongoing assault from dirt and gravel.

  • Designed to prevent shredding on rocky and gravel terrain
  • Extreme durability for hauling
  • Superior control and braking in wet weather

Tire Sizes & Specifications

Features & Benefits

  • Even Wear Arc Technology™, tire shape engineered to strategically balance pressure at the tire-to-road contact area promoting even on-road treadwear and superior handling.
  • Whisper Grooves™ provide a sound barrier that reduces road noise.
  • Stone ejector ledges easily eject stones and gravel, protecting the tire from stones drilling into carcass and maintaining a clean tread for enhanced road traction.

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